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We aim to produce clear, readable code with full annotation.

Unlike some of our competitors we believe that you retain the rights to all the source code required for development and maintenance of your software.

Our primary targets and development tools are:

Target Development Tools Typical Projects
PIC16Cxx CCS PCW optimising compiler. 16C73/C77 Emulators. Electronic dashboard. Loadcell data logger. Wave probe auto-zero controller.
TMS320C3x Texas Instruments compiler. JTAG in-circuit debugger/emulator. Multichannel analyser for gamma radiation analysis.
PC Compatible MS Visual Basic. MS Visual C++. Instrument log reader programs. Configuration program for gamma analysis instrumentation.

We have also completed projects using the following target processors:

Target Typical Projects
Z80/180 RS485 busmaster/data logger. Wind-tunnel and rolling road controller.
8048/51 Solid state video event recorder. Activity monitor for medical tracer isotopes. Aircraft GPU controller. Phase doppler processor for speed measurement.