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PCB Artwork

Beorn Designs provides a complete PCB artwork service using Protel PCB and schematic editors. All component placement and track routing is carried out by engineers who will familiarise themselves with the functionality of your circuit, and recognise high current paths and areas susceptible to noise and EMC/EMI problems.

Although we recognise and take advantage of the benefits of autorouting tools when applicable, our approach to PCB layout is primarily hand-place and hand-route. By taking control of the layout process we can ensure that track widths and clearances are not dictated by a single complex or congested area on the PCB. We believe that this approach leads to:

Another advantage of our 'hands on' approach is our ability to carry out low cost modifications. We can add new tracking or components without re-routing the entire board - allowing us to reduce costs, and incorparate modifications without compromising the integrity of your existing layout.

At the end of the design process you will receive:

For details of the file formats we can import see compatibility details.