| Design


Our Services:

  • Initial feasibility studies and prototyping
  • Full circuit design and documentation - schematics, parts listings etc.
  • Embedded microprocessor hardware and software
  • Production engineering - PCB artworks, mechanical & assembly drawings
  • Documentation - user, service & technical manuals

Since its formation in 1974 the company has carried out many designs for clients ranging from simple circuits with only a few components through to complex systems with embedded microprocessors. With a wealth of experience in many different fields from Industrial and Laboratory instrumentation through to Agricultural, Environmental and Consumer products we can offer a full design service from initial concept to manufacture.

Where necessary feasibility studies can be carried out and key areas of previously untried circuitry prototyped before a commitment is made to full production engineering.

Our aim is to produce a robust design that will withstand the vagaries of component tolerances and the intended operating environment - minimising problems for manufacturer, client and customer alike.

With over 15 years experience in sub-contract assembly we are all too aware of the problems that can be caused by obsolescence or long lead times. We aim to use standard components with a wide distribution preferably from multiple source manufacturers where possible.

Our experience of assembly also reflects in our ability to produce designs with manufacturability as a prime factor. Objectives are to minimise component count and cost and to layout circuit boards and systems to maximise ease of assembly and testing.