| Assembly


Our Services:

  • Component procurement and kitting
  • PCB assembly of through hole and surface mount parts
  • Assembly of enclosures and systems including wiring harnesses
  • Post assembly inspection for quality conformance
  • Full functionality testing and repair
  • Final packaging for distribution

Component procurement and kitting has been a major part of the service we have provided to our clients since 1983. We have a wide range of suppliers and are able to keep down your costs by volume purchasing and by using our knowledge of price variation between manufacturers and suppliers.

Component traceability records are kept for each batch along with details of assembly, inspection and test operatives. These records are the basis of our quality control and Certificate of Conformance document.

Our assembly experience has been predominantly with low volume batch production using hand loading and soldering of components. We have links with assembly houses providing flow soldering of larger batches where appropriate. We have facilities for producing wiring harness, mechanical parts and final system assembly.

Every part built by us is given a full visual inspection against bill of materials and assembly instructions to ensure that it has been built correctly. Component values and orientations are checked along with general build and solder quality.

Testing can be carried out to ensure full functionality prior to despatch. Test jigs can be designed and built by us if required or provided by the customer. Rework of faults will be done where possible.

In many cases we relieve the customer of all procurement and manufacturing operations allowing them to concentrate on marketing and sales. Finished product is packaged and sent straight to distribution.